Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste: NOW AVAILABLE IN NINE UNIQUE COLOURS!

Perhaps you have already heard of our world-famous Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste? If not, then it is high time that you get to know this one-of-a-kind product.

CARMA® has been making Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste in Switzerland and selling it successfully on international markets since 1963 – you can find #MassaTicinoLovers around the globe. A number of imitations have appeared over the past few decades, but no product can match the quality and workability of Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste. But don’t just take our word for it: follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to hear THE PROFESSIONAL’ S VOICE. When you are trying to find the original Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste, be sure to look for the ™ symbol and the «by CARMA® since 1963» label.

The launch of our brand new coloured product range is setting new standards in the industry. Based on the Massa Ticino™ Tropic recipe, CARMA® has developed a unique new line of products that is tailored to the needs and requirements of creative professional bakers and cake designers. The most eye-catching difference in the new line is its attractive packaging design in practical new sizes. CARMA® is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a line of sugarpastes in vibrant colours that are made with completely natural ingredients and without using any azo dyes. But that is not all – the products are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are lactose-, cholesterol- and gluten-free. Of course the sugarpaste is as easy to work with as ever and still offers great coverage. Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste is ideal for both covering cakes and sculpting, regardless of the temperature and humidity.

Why have we created nine colours instead of 100? The great thing about these nine colours is that you can combine them to create over 100 shades just by mixing together two or three different colours of Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste. To find out more, go to and check out our Colour Mixing Guide.