August 2016 We’ve been busy – CARMA®’s outstanding couverture packaging Iconic couvertures. New look.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been working on creating aesthetically pleasing designs and improved packaging for our Swiss Edel Couvertures. The aim was to make sure that the CARMA® brand attitude, «Swiss Goodness», is reflected not just in the product, but also on its outer packaging. The result is really outstanding. CARMA® now has one of the most durable, resealable bags on the market. As part of our Masters of Swiss Edel Couvertures™ story, we’ve added a personal touch to the designs by showing our proud employees who work hard every single day to ensure that the CARMA® products remain as unique and reliable as ever. To find out more about our Masters and Swiss Edel Couvertures, check out our