August 2015 CARMA® is UTZ Certified! As of August 1 CARMA® sources UTZ certified cocoa for its couvertures

For the tasty CARMA® couvertures we now source certified cocoa, precisely UTZ Certified cocoa (with the exception of the «Origine Rare» range). We are proud to say that we’ve have set a milestone in CARMA®’s history by buying sustainable ingredients and making a difference for the cocoa farmer.

UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. The UTZ program enables farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment.

And for those of you that are wondering the word UTZ means it means good in the Mayan language Quiché. And at CARMA® we think its good that we've teamed up with UTZ because it makes perfect sense and the good news is, we're working on finding ways and means to get our precious «Origine Rare» range certified in future as well.

Check out the UTZ Website by clicking onto: