February 2015 CARMA®’s «Grand Dames» – Bourbon and Des Alpes

Two couvertures are turning 50

How many companies can claim to have a product in its portfolio for over 50 years that is still alive and kicking? Our Bourbon Dark 50% and Des Alpes Milk 35% couvertures are truly in a league of their own. They were the first high-quality couvertures to be introduced onto the market by CARMA®, and our founder Carl Maentler commissioned a special conching room in order to create them. So, in fact, it is thanks to Bourbon and Des Alpes that CARMA® started producing couvertures on a regular basis. When Maentler was asked in 1965 why it took him 34 years to start producing high-quality couvertures, he answered: «Chi va piano, va sano!» or «Haste makes waste». He only wanted to create the best possible couvertures, and he felt he could only do that once he was certain that he could produce the high quality levels required by his customers and had acquired enough experience.

You can check our new recipes developed specially for this jubilee here.