Products 85 years of couverture expertise

CARMA® is famed for its exceptional couvertures thanks to its Masters of Swiss Edel Couvertures™ since 1931 - they hold the secret of perfecting Swiss Chocolate making. The different couverture ranges offer a variety of flavor profiles for a wide range of chocolate creations.

Think pralines, desserts, cakes, entrements, petits fours and verrines. All our core range couvertures are blended with a minimum content of edel cacao, they are all UTZ certified*, Halal, Kosher Dairy and nut free. They are superbly workable for all kinds of applications from casting hollow moulds – like Easter bunnies – to luscious center fillings. And offer a wide working range: from machine to hand processing.

Our «Origin Rare» is really tempting. These couvertures are made from beans that are from a single country of origin: Venezuela, Grenada, Madagascar or Ecuador. The thing about unblended cocoa is that it retains its unique personality. They are all Halal, Kosher Dairy and nut free and our latest edition Milk Ecuador will even be UTZ certified.

* UTZ certified stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet.


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